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Open data

Open data

Releasing Suffolk data for all


Suffolk is committed to open data and all the district councils have signed an Open data charter.  The Charter endorses the role that open data has to improve public services and stimulate growth through innovation data-driven products and services.  It also endorses the principle of open by default and makes clear that open data must be open to all for re-use.

The Suffolk Open Data Charter recognises the importance of releasing consistent and accurate data. It’s not just about open data but about quality data — the value of open data will be diminished if the data turns out to be missing crucial information.

Open data increases transparency, promotes accountability, good governance, enhances public debate and helps to combat corruption.  Providing access to local government data can empower individuals, the media, communities, and businesses to explore better outcomes in public services such as health, education, public safety, environmental protection and governance. Open data can do this by:

  • showing how and where public money is spent, providing strong incentives for that money to be used most effectively
  • enabling people to make better informed choices about the services they receive and the standards they should expect

We therefore agree to follow a set of principles that will be the foundation for access to, and the release and re-use of, data made available by Suffolk Councils.

Suffolk's Open data is available via the Open data tab on the home page under advanced features.  Whilst help and guidance is available via the Help button.


It is also available on the data.gov.uk web site.  

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